6100 IR Wireless Language Distribution System

The 6100 IR wireless language distribution system is designed to offer language distribution in 4/6 channels for simultaneous interpretation using advanced infrared light transmission technology.

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IR Transmitter Unit HT-6100M

IR Transmitter Unit HT-6100M Features
1. The transmitter unit of the IR wireless language distribution system offers high security and prevents external interference.
2. It has an automatic level control function (ALC).
3. The IR signals will not be disturbed by daylight.
4. The transmitter unit of the IR wireless language distribution system offers an input channel direct function.
5. It has 6CH audio output for recording.

IR Radiator HT-6100S

IR Radiator HT-6100S Features
1. The IR radiator of the wireless language distribution system radiates and distributes up to 6 channels of audio signal.
2. It offers auto switched on/off by carrier signals from transmitter unit.
3. It has auto gain control to ensure diodes with max. efficiency.
4. It is convection cooled for noiseless, reliable operation.
5. It can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, floor stand or optional tripod.
6. It can be easily daisy-chained together to expand coverage.
7. The half radiator angle is ±22°.

Interpreter Unit HT-6100Y/1

Interpreter Unit HT-6100Y/1 Features
1. The interpreter unit of the IR wireless language distribution system offers 6CH simultaneous interpretation.
2. The IR Transmitter unit can connect 5 interpreter's units.
3. It offers voice adjustment and prevents feedback.
4. It ensures that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function respectively.
5. If delegates speak too fast it can give a request for slower speed.
6. It will not pick up interpreter's cough if a special key is pressed down.
7. The LCD can display input and output channel.
8. It has interpreter support 13P and 25P connection.
9. The LCD can display current channel language.

IR Receiver HT-6100d

IR Receiver HT-6100d Features
1. IR receiver of the wireless language distribution system is a pocket size wireless handheld unit.
2. It accommodates up to 6 different languages.
3. It has a channel selector and headphone connector.
4. It offers power on/off switch and volume level control.
5. Aluminum carrying cases are provided for receivers.

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